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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

(NASDAQ:AAPL) Apple Poised for $203 (that's $1206 factoring in 6 for 1 Split) or $200 MORE Than my $1000 Prediction Some Laughed At.

Now who's laughing at you? Not going co to com when $$$ comes in—-Clarity, which lets entrepreneurs get expert advice via phone, will be combined with other Fundable properties into , which will then become the parent company's identity; Retail Veteran Is Leaving, Big Changes Coming at Apple Stores and will big infights with new SVP cause employee exodus? Apple could fund stock buyback with $5 billion bond sale; Finally, Real Internet TV Because It’s Internet TV. Hello,! Kik passed 200 million registered users today and… Amazon reportedly wants RadioShack stores to better compete with Apple

See my Apple 1000 prediction HERE (among other links)
and how much did Cisco make licensing the iPhone name on 75 million phones last quarter @$35 each!

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