Frager Factor

Saturday, February 14, 2015

The "Steve" Electric Car Comes To Apple

When Apple moved across the mall to a bigger space and had to stand there all day watching TESLA dazzle crowds in their old space every day they thought as I did, Selling cars in a retail store- now that's outside the box- why not us? And so the mall will live on beyond JC Penny and Sears... as bright ideas are winning the future plus... Still Cheap and Easy; Challenging Your Customers During Your Company's Sales Process; David Carr: The Good Really Do Die Young; Want to Get a Job at Google or Amazon? Work for Microsoft First; S&P 500 Index Closes At an All-Time High; Why Managers And Employees Have Wildly Different Ideas About Work-Life Balance; How to Manage Remote Direct Reports; Flipboard finally brings its social news reader to the web; The Connected Company: To Save Your Business’ Future, Challenge Your Present

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