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Monday, February 23, 2015

What Domain Stands Out From All The Oscar Ads Last Night?

Well maybe not to be confused with the screen title "Oscars" but it was all about the hashtag. The one standing out #AskHerMore. Clever ideas to engage the audience onto a multi screen experience.

And all about leading traffic to Twitter and from Twitter direct navigated LINK to final destination. It's because, the Lincoln Navigator is not the only navigator with going total reinvention. Factor some real-world intelligence on user habits and consumer behavior before going wild investing in domain strings based on blog articles which are likely just press releases written by the guys who stand the most to gain from them.

Even the commercials reminded us that failure is often a requirement of success and being down and out is nothing but a state of mind. Here are two of my favorites.

Perfectly timed in tune with the Academy Awards, Cadillac rolls out a new set of commercials launching its “Dare Greatly” campaign. The first thing that may strike you about the commercials is the lack of, well, advertising going on; Cadillac intentionally left out physical vehicles from the piece. Instead, the Detroit-based luxury automaker plays up the idea of striving for greatness, piggybacking sentiments from a lecture Teddy Roosevelt delivered in 1910.

Next, for American Express, Mindy Kaling talks about her journey in her career as an actress in Hollywood and challenging the status quo. We are all on journeys. The visionaries. The underdogs. The artists. The long shots. The homegrown heroes who make every day a little better. Join us as we follow the stories that will inspire your journey.

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