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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Cashing In On The Need For Beer Names; Naming Penis Parts; Naming Mars Topography

Naming beer is harder than you might think. Passionate brewers are going up against each other over something as simple as the name and image. With more than one new craft brewery opening up in the U.S. every day, that's a lot of competition, and a battle over naming beer is emerging. David Begnaud reports. (Click on bottom corner to open full screen)

If naming beer is hard, who comes up with all the names for the broken parts of the penis that broke this week during sex, was amputated and replaced with a transplant

If we land on Mars and it works.... Who will own the name for what will become the New York of Mars?

How do places on mars get their names?

Mars monikers follow a careful set of rules--but that doesn't mean their earthbound sister cities can't have a little fun. Just ask the tartan martians.

this week, the Mars rover Curiosity is humming its way across the pebbly surface of Yellowknife, leaving behind Peace Vallis and Hottah, and motoring through Gale Crater through a geologic region called Glenelg. Like every other major feature on Mars, all the names of all these places were carefully chosen, suggested to an international consortium of scientists, formally selected and then officially written into the gazetteer. Most places on Mars are named for geologic features on Earth, but sometimes there's a larger connection--like Glenelg.

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