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Sunday, March 22, 2015

EMD Properly Formed for #1 Ranking: 'How much does * cost in Sacramento, California?'

Long tail SEO success defies age old conventions about short is better. According to Daily Mail UK coverage of a study by cost-estimating website, "A bizarre new map has been created using Google Autocomplete to discover the most searched for good or service in each state capital. The map throws up some unusual examples of what people are searching for online and the results varying wildly from state-to-state, according to cost-estimating website It was created by typing 'How much does * cost in Sacramento, California?' into Google for each state or state capital, and then discovering the most commonly searched-for good or service."

"Some of the searches are somewhat disturbing, including lots of sex, drugs and plastic surgery. And in Mississippi and Tennessee the most popular search was for DNA testing."

"Others were more innocent such as Alaska's search for the price of a gallon of milk and Vermont's search for the cost of a cord of wood."

"Californian's have been looking into breast augmentation, divorce and liposuction, while people in Colorado were more concerned with gas, weed and electricity. While in Texas people were most concerned with finding out about nannies."

Oddly, in Bismarck, North Dakota, the most popular search was the cost of 'a minor' which refers to someone under 18 getting caught by police in possession of illegal contraband. 

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