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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Frank Schilling's Winter Wonderland of Domain Name Sales to Microsoft, Calysta... more

Part 2 of 3, continued from last week, and to be price guesstimated against these comps, here are more formerly lonely and parked domains, finding new homes with end users who are bubbling with cash, ideas, passion and commitment to bring them to a profitable life. Sometimes it's to upgrade the same keyword held under a CCTLd (from .co to .de), sometimes like the case of, it has meaning outside our little life's bubble in the US as you can see from two of its translation states shown below. Sometimes they just have to have it because... well- the name is also their name (and also the name of ten thousand others who would want it to). 

Would you  have the insight to known the difference in making a speculative investment in a truck tire domain versus a car tire domain versus a skateboarder wheel domain? Frank did. According to sources close to the situation (perhaps one of his favorite bros?), that's the groovy Californian he's becoming spending far too much time watch the eye candy skate by on the boardwalk.


Photo: Via @Frank_Schilling/Twitter.. Smarter and Smarter (Domain Name Sales and Domain Name Sales Plus) wait for the next skateboarder to buzz by their Mailbu offices.

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