Frager Factor

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Morgan Stanley raises Apple target to $160, citing Apple's addressable market could grow to $3.4 trillion

eBay was going to launch as Ebola; Zuckerberg: Facebook is 'working on' building lasers and drones; Plan for futuristic Googleplex raises hopes, fears; There's No Direct Translation for Target's Latest Effort Aimed at Hispanics; Were Millennials Just Figments of Our Fevered Imagination All Along?; Sound like Yahoo redeux— Google, proving it still hasn’t figured out social, will strip Google+ for parts; Cyanogen Inc. Announces New 'Brand Identity' and What You Must 'Clean Up,' If You Want to Sell Your Company (Now or in the Future) and.. How a 13-Year-Old Hooked Mark Cuban on 'Shark Tank'

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