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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Registries Make A Swift Decision; Shame Rachel Maddow For "Domainer is a Snake" Comments

You and guest Todd Gillman, Dallas Morning News DC bureau chief, should have pointed out that owner of is not a “squatter”who "snaked" the name out from under the not digitally enough savvy to serve as President candidate Ted Cruz, but another guy named Ted Cruz who legitmately got there first. You could have used this as a teaching moment about the Internet and Domain Names and the digital skills an insights a President needs to be effective in 2016, but you didn’t Rachel! also.. Great by Eric Lyons on Geo Domains; Loyalty Becomes A Two Way Street; These Ted Cruz URLs are the ultimate 2016 troll; 5 Secret Business Davids Scaring Their Goliaths…  and Iran Tests Combat Robot During Drills as the future of war becomes one of science fiction.

via Ken Hansen

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