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Monday, April 20, 2015

.CO Aladdin’s Work Their Magic on .NYC

“Living in New York City isn't for just anybody. It's a place for doers and dreamers. It takes a little extra something to make it here, and that's why the .nyc web address is reserved exclusively for true New Yorkers. Any person, business, or organization with a physical address within the five boroughs can register a .nyc web address.”

The award-winning and talented marketing team who fought an uphill battle bringing .CO to market and won big, now turns their attention to making a .NYC one of the most prestigious and popular addresses in New York City real estate.

‘The naysayers were out in force when we trotted .CO out and announced plans to make it the “must have“ startup address for the millennial generation,” confided Lori Anne Wardi, one of the founding executives of .CO and now Vice President of Neustar. After providing backend registry services since the launch of .CO in 2010, Neustar became .CO’s sole shareholder in 2014, as the company reached the $25 million revenue mark.

Today, many of the coolest things happening on the web, across continents, are being built on .CO domains – and that trend is only likely to accelerate with the introduction of new TLDs. In addition to acquiring a highly profitable business, Neustar was drawn to .CO because of  the strong global brand Wardi and team built around the .CO domain – a brand that is synonymous with innovation and opportunity, and that appeals to a new generation of startups, entrepreneurs and tech savvy businesses.

Perhaps most importantly, Neustar recognized and valued the fact that .CO has assembled an unparalleled team of professionals – a team with the proven ability to innovate and execute in the domain space. The plan, of course, is to leverage that team’s innovative domain marketing and brand building capabilities within and across Neustar’s broader domain portfolio, starting with .NYC. 

1000s of needs for .NYC names everywhere you look”
In one of the biggest expansions of the Internet to date, nearly 2,000 new generic top-level domains have been approved for use. Neustar has been selected to be the back-end registry operator for upward of 300 of these domain names. A select number of city, country, and regional domains are a part of this expansion; which includes .NYC

Living in New York City isn't for just anybody as Wardi, a long time resident can attest to firsthand. “It's a place for doers and dreamers. It takes a little extra something to make it here, and that's why the .NYC web address is reserved exclusively for true New Yorkers.” Only individuals and businesses with a physical address within the five boroughs can register a .nyc web address.

Selling the .NYC brand to the public has been a lot easier then it was with .CO. After all, everyone already knows and loves New York City, with or without a domain name. Like a 212 telephone exchange, people are naturally drawn to it. It’s easier for them to get excited about it and quicker to get onboard. “There’s a certain sense of unity and community around it that’s built it. It’s natural. Whereas with .CO we had to hit the road and build it’s appeal from scratch. We are taking from the .CO playbook and amplifying it as it turns into  the brand.”

And it’s working.  Some .NYC early adopters include:,, and ,the prestigious New York Hotels – and

But the best and brightest for .NYC is yet to come. In addition to premium domain names, according to Wardi, The City of New York has reserved all of the neighborhood names viewable at Neighborhoods.NYC. These will be awarded to carefully screen registrants who promise to uphold and promote the unique characteristics and appeal of these neighborhoods and to run the domains for the public benefit. 

There are also a modest number of .NYC premium domains that have been held back for auction by the registry. “Your domain name is often the first thing people will notice and the last thing they’ll remember when they learn about your business online – so it’s important to get it right,” said Wardi. .NYC premium domain names help to ensure domain buyers have the option to secure high value .NYC domain names.

Wardi promises a “fair open transparent process“ and reminds prospective buyers that unlike just about every other TLD, a .NYC registration requires a New York City verified presence to buy a domain name.

But with Wardi’s team behind the marketing ball, you can expect they’ll bring fun and do it differently. “We’re here to expand awareness for the long term,” she says and “we are already doing very well.” 

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