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Monday, April 13, 2015

WSJ and Adweek Join Forbes & Others Covering Domain Names; AppleWatchGold (dotClub)

Probably driven by a lobby for Verisign on behalf of dotCOM and marketing dollars from the G's, we are seeing more mainstream domain coverage then ever though Cybersquatter characterization still follows; 7 Ways To Keep Your Job Hunt A Secret; Airbnb Is Taking on Four Seasons. Uber Is Destroying Taxis. Is Your Company Next? Donuts domain name registry files ‘I am’ and ‘We are’ trademarks; How to Seize on the Single Greatest Global Shift in 5,000 Years; Exercising regularly is slowly making me richer; How today's mega-wealthy fly the friendly skies; The Art Of Influencing Others; WSJ: Google's X lab is working on batteries that last longer

Hillary Clinton Domains Sell for as High as $295K Amid U.S. Election C

Why Your Child Needs a Domain Name - WSJ

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