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Friday, May 01, 2015

Content Marketing Now Comprises 40% of LinkedIn's Ad Revenue; Conn. IP Lawyers Predict Problems With New 'Dot.Sucks' Domain Name

At The Mercy of Facebook’s Algorithm? Don’t Hate The Player, Change The…. Google Plus sends first tweet 4 years after starting Twitter account; A Consumer’s Guide to Defending Your Brand; Solar-Pedal Trike Fits the Niche Between Bikes and Cars; Amazon CEO Launches Unmanned Test Flight and.. Elon Musk unveils Tesla Powerwall batteries to 'change the world'

  1. Owen Frager

    Owen Frager likes this

    1. Jeff Eskow
      ...which is why I will often break away from boilerplate jargon and company by-lines and instead speak in my own voice. Talk to your customers
    2. Kathleen Klimchak
      So true Jeff... I like to always keep it honest & real sincere. :) 

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