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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Frank Schilling Closes another Top Notch Month

All the showmanship and necessary "g" evangelism aside, Frank, at heart, is a dotCOM guy. That's why he is buying more than he is selling. In fact he is buying more than he has ever bought before. It's because as parking declines and the wholesale market dries up and end user sales are few and far between expensive renewals, it's Frank's exclusive well-funded wheel house to profit from adversity as domains drop like flies and he buys on the drop, on the cheap, by the collection, portfolio or to come to the rescue of domainers who are cash starved and need to fund renewals on primer properties. Yes thank God for Frank. So when some bloggers tell you they are having their best year ever, it would make sense that if Frank is buying, they are selling.

So lose no sleep Mr. Metal Tiger. The smart money is still smarter than we can ever comprehend. Any questions ponder these two images.

Here are some of the Top Notch domains put into lifetime service by Domain Name Sales house (Name Administration) and Powerseller (Merlin, Donna, Christina, Vern, Ibiza1, BarristerCycle, Kubba4 etc., etc.) sales:

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