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Monday, May 25, 2015

Here's Why You Can't Remember Anyone's Name

A CMO's View: Cole Haan CMO Says Domain Strategy Should Focus On Engagment; The Robots Are Winning! how to treat Betrayal by a friend; How branding can help you create great first impressions; How Organic Reach reduces your Marketing Costs when you have the best Social Media; Silicon Texas- Facebook wants to build a $1B data center facility in Fort Worth, Texas; Facebook Stock Price Today Has More than Doubled - With Room to Run; Snapchat Is Hiring Journalists To Cover The 2016 Election; What Your Logo's Color Says About You

  1. Owen Frager

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    Adweak Editor
    BREAKING: Copywriter Not Thrilled With Linkedin Inviting All His Connections to Congratulate Him on His New Position as "Freelance" After Getting Laid Off
    1. Ray Barnes
      Haha ! So it goes...
    2. Dan Austin
      I made several adjustments to my title and intro bio a decade ago without realizing each time I did it, all my connections were being notified. 

  2. 2d

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