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Monday, May 04, 2015

Hillary Squatter Dreams of Turning a $45 Investment Into $865,000 & Fiorina Domain FAIL!

Meanwhile inexcusable for a former tech executive, Carly Fiorina, to enter race without her domain name. No wonder why she led HP into the ground. No one is fit to lead this country in 2016 who doesn’’t understand domain names, especially their role in phishing and cybercrime. 

According to CNN: 'Hillary' websites going for up to $295K
'In the world of website domains, Hillary Clinton's name is prime real estate. 
The likely Democratic presidential hopeful already claims one: 
That's owned by Friends of Hillary, the campaign committee created for her U.S. Senate runs in 2000 and 2006. And she used it when she ran for president in 2008. Today,'s homepage gives no inkling that another campaign is afoot, but that's expected to change soon. 
Now that it's virtually certain Clinton's going to make a bid for the White House next year, owners of "official sounding" Clinton domain names have dollar signs in their eyes. is on the market for a whopping $295,000. is selling for $99,999. And the minimum bid on is $50,000. 
Even is going for $275,000 (a little presumptuous, isn't it?). 
The domains are on the auction block at Go Daddy (GDDY), the popular web hosting company. The high prices, which are set by the domain owners, aren't drawing much interest yet. None has a single bid. 
Some of the highest-priced domains are anti-Clinton. is tied for first place at $295,000. At $50,000 apiece there's and 
Why does it matter who owns a site? Consider It's been snapped up by a conservative dental surgeon in Boca Raton, Florida, who uses it to rail against Democrats and Obamacare. 
So, who owns this stuff? 
CNNMoney tracked down the owner of the most expensive "Hillary" domains: It's Janet LaCelle, a 66-year-old retired factory worker who used to build weaponized missiles at the General Electric plant in Syracuse, New York. 
She bought the domains, and more than a decade ago for just $15 a pop. And each year LaCelle renews them -- if she remembers. She forgot to pay her fee for and still kicks herself for it. 
"I lost a good one," she sighed."  MORE
Carly Fiorina Really Should Have Remembered to Register Her Domain Name

Carly Fiorina Really Should Have Remembered to Register Her Domain Name

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