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Monday, May 25, 2015

RIP: Marion Frager January 15, 1920 - May 24, 2015

My mother's service to her country and care for our veterans was a theme that echoed through her life and will be central to the military funeral that celebrates it on Wednesday. If there was any day for her to go, it was a day we'll remember her and those she remembers serving with her, all together in one.

My mother’s warm, compassionate, generous and understanding personality was a gift and example to the world.

Death does not discriminate; it strips of us everything. Fame, wealth and power are all useless in the unadorned reality of the final moments of life. When the time comes, we will have only ourselves to rely on. This is a solemn confrontation that we must face armed only with our raw humanity, the actual record of what we have done, how we have chosen to live our lives, asking, "Have I lived true to myself? What have I contributed to the world? What are my satisfactions or regrets?” 

I know the blog has suffered as I took an easier path, and put the rat race on hold, so I could take time  out to help my parents these past few years. I know I did an honorable thing, and made a difference. I'll be back to my old self and writing soon.

Remember "Always live today to the fullest for we only have today. There is never a guarantee of tomorrow.”

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