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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What's In A Brand Name? $26 Million For Radio Shack!!

So stop getting excited at these measly 7-figure domain sales. We haven't seen anything yet. I guess the big guys who are holding out surely know that. Because it took years to build Radio Shack as a brand via billions in advertising whereas the premium domains are already brands and ads built-in!

Via Bloomberg: "The dismantling of RadioShack Corp. grew closer to completion with the auctioning of the 94-year-old electronics retailer’s name to hedge fund Standard General LP for $26.2 million."

"Standard General, which bought hundreds of RadioShack store leases in March, prevailed this week in the bidding for the bankrupt chain’s brand name, a trove of customer data and other intellectual property, the hedge fund said Wednesday."  MORE

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