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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Ca' Ching: Frank Schilling Hits Pay Dirt With Same Sex Marriage (.com)

After yesterday's landmark decision on same sex marriage I thought of my pal, Frank Schilling who must have hit pay dirt with his Not only because it's now legal, but because of all the Fortune 500 brands and advertisers (examples below) who rushed to embraced it.  I also noted another friend from Luxembourg who in 2013 sold to a fundraiser to make the case, and now redirects to

My advice to Frank would be not to sell it, but turn it into a museum with clippings that will matter 100 years from now for future generations including possibly some of his own offspring and their offspring.

It's also interesting how the short catching slogan #LoveWins took off more than the generic terms did. Ironically was once the domain of Love Wins Church who dropped it and now Amazon reseller Bryan Pape of Microsoft country owns and redirects it to his Amazon store.

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