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Monday, June 15, 2015

JEB! Launches Without..... (well you know)

This is a rare case where his first name is the initials for his full name John Ellis "Jeb" Bush -- parents might want to think about such LLL branding when naming future children but it will cost them dearly if available from the Chinese. A shame.

Noticed the same logo from his Gubernatorial campaign  - building on his OLD BRAND? Yet he has had years to buy from and hasn't. Moreover, the big sign with exclamation point that doesn't form a URL fails the visual and radio tests.

Of course the biggest brand equity he has is in Bush, a name not only he hopes we'll forget but neither or are not owned by him either. Soon the press will say they are owned by Squatters but said Squatters have owned the domains since the 90's when a guy who thinks he's so smart so as to Preside over the world's super power in 2016, wasn't smart enough to register his own famous name.

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