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Thursday, June 18, 2015

More Of The 6-Figure Sales That Fund Frank's LAMBORGHINI Fleet (part 2 of 3)

As you can see the fleet is increasing. Now that Jeb Bush is speaking Spanish and Mark Zuckerberg is educating undocumented workers, it's clear Spanish will become our second language like Montreal speaks both  French and English. Accordingly smart buyers from the big companies who didn't know what a domain name was when Frank acquired these, are snapping up single-word Spanish-language keywords to redirect to the English language sites. featured below is a case in point. More in the next installment.

 Meanwhile we congratulate PowerSeller Merlin Kauffman on many sales, smart enough way back in the day to know Spanish was coming and also thinking outside the box leading to incredible ROIs and gains over time such as in the example below of to the lab that makes kit. Laughing gas? Well Merlin is laughing all the way to the bank. 

And if Frank didn't reinvest his gains by liquidating tens of thousands of names per portfolio of some unlucky investors who bet on parking and don't have the patience to wait. That will happen too with the G's. Some will win and some will lose. In fact some are already winning big time. Of course, Frank is among them. So get to Uniregistry and help him buy more portfolios and cars by investing in the next dotCOM.

Here are some of the recent sales:

Redirects from

Redirects from

Redirects from

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