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Sunday, June 21, 2015

"Put Your Name On It" -- Build Digital Products on Solid Ground, Not Borrowed Land;

The Pope's Memo on Climate Change Is a Mind-Blowe; The Face-to-Face of the Future; Google Plus for Business: How to Create a Page; The Generation Raised on Touchscreens Will Forever Alter Tech Design; t How Darren Huston had never heard of global online travel agent when he was invited to apply for the job of chief executive in 2011 and is now conquering the world as head of Priceline which just snapped up Open Table among so many others; Bond Street, a 2-year-old startup that just raised $110 million; Transgender in the Workplace: What Firms and Employees Need to Know
  1. I'm going to bring you a new series every Sunday Morning, called Ted Sunday where I cull through all of the top recommended TEDTalks and choose one the best and most relevant to the Internet business to share with you.
    Ted Sunday: Margaret Gould Stewart: How Giant Websites Design For You (and a billion others,...
  2. Owen Frager

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    Pete Lamson
    All of us at Carbonite are excited to be recognized as one of Massachusetts’s fastest-growing companies! Thanks Boston Business Journal.
    Fastest-Growing Public Cos in Massachusetts - Boston Business Journal
    1. Owen Frager
      Congratulations, Peter!
  3. Owen Frager

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    1. Owen Frager
      Rumors of their demise I guess have been ???
  4. Owen Frager Great life lesson - reminds me to remember that our actions and words define the legacy we want to leave behind. And so very true. We tend to move quickly from one "task" to another - just to cross a task off the
    "Put your name on it"
  5. Owen Frager
    Lapsed Domain Causes Heinz Ketchup to have Porn QR Code on Bottles - The Internet Patrol via @internetpatrol
    Lapsed Domain Causes Heinz Ketchup to have Porn QR Code on Bottles
    1. Tommy Butler Geo Developer
      Time and time again Some these big firms never learn the value of a domain.

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