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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Saturday Morning Ideas: Deposed Menswear Giant Takes Hints From Merlin's Soothe; Launches zTailors

Merlin Kauffman turned massage on its head with Soothe, a brilliant idea to deliver fix price massages from top-rated therapists direct to the home eliminating travel hassles and intermediary expense like real estate and take. You could look a businesses everywhere in the gentrified cities where rents can not longer support service businesses and imagine how "Uberization" can improve serve ice and customer satisfaction to just about any industry.

After being ousted from Men’s Warehouse with $800 million, a company he created, Zimmer is back with a new business he hopes will take the art of tailoring into the 21st century. zTailors sends experienced tailors directly to customers who need their clothes altered. Founder and chairman Zimmer joins “CBS This Morning” to explain how his new business works. Click the right bottom corner (square box) to open and expand the short video.

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