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Friday, June 05, 2015

Significant Sales You Won't Read About In DNJournal

"There is no saint without a past and there is no sinner without a future"
 ~~ Mike Mann, One Domaining's Most Fascinating People and Pictured Drumming at JB's On The Beach, Hillsborough Florida

Sahar thinks Mike Mann should report his sales to Ron Jackson so they can be included in the DNJournal sales charts. I second that and let this post roundup of Mike Mann's Facebook disclosures serve as a reminder

Sold $35,000.00, purchased 2/21/05 $350.00

Sold $13,500, purchased 7/3/2011 $500. 

Sold $20,000. Purchased 2/21/05 $350.

Sold $21,000. Purchased 7/2/12 $166

Sold $15,000. Purchased 2/22/09 $7.50

Sold $30,000. Purchased 7/30/12 $75. $15K, purchased 5/24/12 $90 sold $8000, purchased 10/23/09 $7.50

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