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Monday, June 22, 2015

Six Ways to Create a Memorable Customer Experience; Was it Something We Said?

57 Ways To Sign Off On An Email; 3 Steps To Confronting A Co-Worker (That Don't Involve Either Of You Crying; Apple to buy DuckDuckGo??? 100 Homes In 100 Days: How A Startup Plans To Rebuild Haiti Where The Red Cross Failed; Why the time has arrived for the Chief Mobile Healthcare Officer; Don’t build anything until you have a clear startup mission; Yasmine Mustafa’s ROAR for Good raises $150K and.. Who Should Write The Worker Rules For The 1099 Economy?

  1. Owen Frager
    I'm going to bring you a new series every Sunday Morning, called Ted Sunday where I cull through all of the top recommended TEDTalks and choose one the best and most relevant to the Internet business to share with you.
    Ted Sunday: Margaret Gould Stewart: How Giant Websites Design For You (and a billion others,...

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