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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Whats An Worth? To Generate Web Sales Of $2.84 BILLION Compared to $772.4 Million - 2014.

Ahold has bold plans to more than triple web sales at And that's why three letter domains could be worth more in Europe than even in china! The moral of the story is all good things come to those who wait. Consistent with Rick's 20-year plan, big money is JUST getting online, and if you think the market has peaked, you'll be kicking yourself for selling too soon.

Ever heard of Ahold? I only know this Dutch company because 20 years ago they bought my Dad’s chain of grocery stores (Stop & Shop) and also Giant and Peapod and… soon-to-be merged with Delhaize Group, a Belgian international food retailer will add 3,810 stores in seven countries on three continents.

Up until her death a month ago, the sight of an Ahold envelope in Mom's mailbox meant a fat pension check even at 95.

Yes the Dutch and Belgian holding companies will own most of the places you shop for groceries in the US. Surprised? And since online shopping is truly Global, their website, which can be cross-promoted in stores and with coupon codes on brick and mortar check out receipts, can have a clear advantage over Amazon.

Even as grocer Royal Ahold NV gets deeper into talks over a possible merger with one of its biggest competitors, it continues to retool and revamp, its primary European e-commerce site.

As Ahold considers merging the company, it continues to invest heavily in, an online mass merchant based in the Netherlands that Ahold acquired in 2012. In fact Ahold is investing about $68.1 million (60.9 million euro) to help diversify and grow into a more pan-European online retailer with projected 2015 e-commerce revenue of $2.84 billion (2.5 billion euro) from $772.7 million (691.6 million euro) 2014.

Over 16 years in the European e-commerce market has grown from operating as a book-selling site into a diversified mass merchant with 5 million active customers and an online inventory of 9 million products that ships 70,000 products daily. is diversifying because it wants to compete more effectively against bigger European web merchants including, No. 1 in the Internet Retailer 2015 Europe 500 and Germany-based Otto Group (No. 2). “Retail in Europe is changing,” Roper told attendees. “ is changing from ‘a do-it-all yourself’ retailer into one that achieves growth diversification, better performance and a network of partners.”

Thanks to InternetRetailer who informed this article and to you for listening.

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