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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

What's With The Weather?

What's behind the floods in Texas and China heat in India and Alaska's 90 degree winters?
Scientists on Monday made an ominous prediction: We'll be seeing more extreme weather
But Republican Sherry Fitz had a different explanation: “The bible says that before Christ comes that natural disasters will increase, violence, wars, etc. The earth itself is in trevail, just as a mother who's about to give birth. People repent of your sins and give your heart to Jesus!!”
Either way WE are FUCKED! and yes it’s going to happen in OUR lifetime. 
As Rashid Siddiqui comments “This is all due to global warming. Save our earth, stop wasting things, conserve energy, recycle, and for God's sake acknowledge that our generation is in trouble if we ignore these warnings.”
Torrential rain causes floods and landslides in southwest China.
Torrential rain caused floods and landslides in Chongqing municipality, southwest China.

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