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Thursday, June 25, 2015

When A Name is Worth Less Than Dirt; Pieces of Advice From Self-Made Billionaire,

Work Hard, Be Kind; 17 year old teenager invents VetiGel which can stop bleeding instantly; This Algorithm Wants to Find Who's Naked on the Internet; Wireless charging will soon be as powerful as plugging in; Hundreds of .Gov Credentials Found In Public Hacker Dumps; Reminder to rake a break- 9 Ways Technology Is Slowly Killing Us All; Sleepless in America: How Digital Devices Keep Us Up All Night; The FBI's Top Negotiator Shares His Best Tricks For Getting What You Want;We're starting to see the fruits of Facebook's $22 billion WhatsApp acquisition; 4 ways to keep an international workforce aligned and engaged; Rainbows Over Madison Avenue May Lead to Pots of Gold and Report: 87% of Facebook Customer Messages Are Ignored

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    WhatsApp is already the world's largest mobile messaging system. By combining Facebook Messenger, it would nearly double its size:
    We're starting to see the fruits of Facebook's $22 billion WhatsApp de
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    Academy Gets Ready for a $30 Million Oscars Cybersquatting Trial "AMPAS says it will introduce evidence that GoDaddy generated at least $100 million since 2006 from its Parked Pages Program, that the defendant knew it had a problem with | Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
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