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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Why Need Any Domain At All? Marchex, Others Putting The CALL Back In Call-To-Action

While we focus on domains and different extensions which always had a desktop screen in mind, the mobile screen is trumping it with some 50-70% of my corporate clients traffic coming from phones via social apps. That in mind having a call button so you can immediately respond using your voice and not have to fill out forms on the go is critical.

Another trend is the use of (star) (star) (keyword) call-to-actions in Legal and other local billboard advertising. I covered the Ticktin group here. And above the latest example I captured in traffic. Are these easier recalls than domains? Probably not if you have but better than which will be entered as, and leak traffic to, The money spent locally in south Florida on legal firms battling each other for clients is more than the Pharma spend. Yet those attorneys who are just understanding the web are 15 years too late to the party to get a domain that separates them from the pack. The only problem with the (star) (star) (keyword) text Call-to-Action is the star button is hidden on the iPhone. You would think they thought about this or texted it... maybe no.

 My friend, SEO Expert Jay Berkowitz of Ten Golden Rules recently attended a seminar on mobile and shared his key takeaways on social media Jay, over to you:

10 things I learned/remembered about Mobile on a webinar today by Jay Berkowitz

It has been predicted for over ten years, but it is now official ... mobile is more important than desktop.

We have been seeing these stats in our client's analytics for over a year, and now Google officially announced that more than 50% of searches are done on mobile devices (phones and tablets). Google is driving over 40 million calls each month. 70% of mobile searchers report they click-to-call directly.

So, if Mobile isn't already an important part of your digital marketing, it is go-time!

1. Calls convert at 29%, forms convert less than 2% (A big part of this result is that when you call back people who fill out forms often you never reach them, when they call you, you have a 100% chance to connect -- if you answer the phone)

2. You should have separate campaigns set up for Mobile and Desktop (don't allow Google to optimize for you) and you should optimize for each, results will be different for clicks, conversions etc.

3. Businesses should expect to see an 80% increase in calls in the next 36 months

4. You MUST have mobile friendly landing pages and responsive websites (Google's Mobile-geddon which went into effect in March will negatively impact your search results for mobile if you aren't mobile ready)

5. It is critical to use the Google Call Extensions in your ads so the "call" button shows up in mobile ads

6. Your mobile ad copy is very important - write 'call specific' and 'mobile specific' copy with a "call now" call-to-action vs. fill-out-the-form 

7. The average consumer checks their mobile device 150 times per day! (Mary Meeker, Kleiner Perkins)

8. In general, people search on their desktop at work and the mobile at lunch and evenings, there is an opportunity to test daypart targeting

9. Apps will start coming up in search queries, they need to be optimized for "App SEO"

10. People who call are bigger spenders

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