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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

AAPL: PLEASE: Do not panic. Do not follow the crowd. Do NOT sell your Apple stock.

This is crazy. While Microsoft announces a $7.5 bn loss (its largest ever) Apple doubles sales in China, has $200 billion in cash and everyone is running because they sold 1 million less iPhones than estimated this quarter, a drop in the bucket when you consider they will sell 200 million phones this year -- with lines as I write this in Shanghai, where they are just getting started, around the block. 

Other Opinions: "By Apple Inc. being conservative with their iPhone inventory to ENSURE they come in slightly below Analysts wildest estimates, which sees the after hours sell off & a market open today lower by 6-7%. 

Then the neat move; buy back as much Apple Inc. stock as possible at the depressed price before WallStreet wakes from its slumber. 

If these idiot analist knew waht they were talking about, they would be retired long ago and wouldn’t have to peddle their pathetic ignorace perpetually.

Apple is a cash cow for anyone who wants a great retirement anytime in the short and long future – Buy it now and reap the proven track record -Apple will be over $180 within a year or so, there’s no other company in the world that can even think of matching its innovation and superior products."
Why are they hoarding so much cash? Maybe to buy something substantial like Tesla or a whole other market that's beyond the realm of our comprehension now as the iPhone was when I first met in 1984 at Bell labs.

MacDailyNews Take: 
"Apple’s iPhone 6/Plus penetration among iPhone owners is a mere 27%. That means there are 73% primed for upgrading to the iPhone 6s/Plus. And, that’s not counting those fleeing from fragmandroid to quality in ever-increasing numbers. iPhone currently has 99% user satisfaction. 99%. Every single year now, there are hundreds of millions of iPhone users waiting to upgrade to Apple’s latest and greatest iPhone. 
More than iPhone, knowledgeable investors will recognize that this is simply a return to the Apple guidance issue. With Apple stock, it’s all about the guidance. The rest of the “concerns” are mere periphery."

Meanwhile Apple doubles sales in China has $200 billion in cash and sold 1 million less iPhones than estimated this quarter a drop in the bucket when you consider they will sell 20 million phones this year and lines in Shanghai are around

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