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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

As a Waiter, He Made $20,000 a year. After a Coding Course He Got $80K Raise!

Frank Schilling’s mega-yacht could have 2 pools, 2 movie theaters, 2 helipads and cost over $1 billion’… Less is more': LinkedIn cuts emails to users by 40% - CNET; The best ways to be productive when you're working at home; Destroying a Brand One Experience at a Time; Youngsters @Stripe Lands New Funding At $5B Valuation And Partnership With Visa; 3 Pillars of Success in Digital Marketing; REPORT: Instagram could be making more money from mobile display ads than Google
  1. Owen Frager
    On a pleasant UK summer day, whole family dressed in shorts and Ts, kids aged 2/8/9, so kids buggy in use too. Looking to buy a brand new version of the recently advertised people carriers. Had liked the look of the Ford Galaxy advertiseme
    Destroying a Brand One Experience at a Time
  2. Owen Frager
    As a waiter, he made $20,000 a year. Then he took a three-month course in computer programming and data analysis. His starting salary last year as a data scientist at a web start-up was more than $100,000.
    As Tech Booms, Workers Turn to Coding for Career Change
    1. Howard Fellman
      Nice post, Owen. Would this be a good time to mention that our Microsoft school has hands-on daytime, evening and weekend classes beginning week
  3. 9h

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