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Monday, July 20, 2015

AT&T Launches It Can Wait (.com) No Post Is Worth A Life-- Urgent Public Service Announcement

Brutal but must see: AT&T Commercial 2015 -- It Can Wait-- No Post is Worth a Life. AT&T TV Spot, 'It Can Wait: No Post is Worth a Life'. Two cars collide in a horrific crash when one swerves into the other lane. The scene reverses and you see a mom posting an update while she drives. Just before she crashes, she looks back to tell her daughter everyone loves the picture she posted of her. AT&T wants you to know that looking at your phone can wait. No post is worth a life.

Hopefully with It Can Wait, AT&T is bringing back the PSA. Certainly would give the barn more favorable impressions than those annoying content interruptions with advertising everyone skips.

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