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Thursday, July 30, 2015

“Failure” The Secret To Success; Not Climate Change — It’s Everything Change

Two GREAT Medium reads plus... Hackers Trick Email Systems Into Wiring Them Large Sums; In case you assumed the tune, "Happy Birthday" had been in the public domain; 10 Steps to Marketing Clarity; 5 Ways to Get Your Resume Ignored; Internship America. Putting a Generation to Work; Google Admits That Google+ is 'Confusing’; Selling T-Shirts On Facebook in 2015: What’s Changed?
  1. Thanks to @MikeO'connor A great long-form read. "What are the implications for the way we view both ourselves and the way we live? In brief: in the coal energy culture — a culture of workers and production — you are your job. “I am what I

  2. Chris Brisson
    In 2005 I had a brilliant idea! Then, it failed miserably. #Failure then became #Success (here's my story)
    “Failure” The Secret To Success

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