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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Frank Schilling's Sparkling July 4th Sales Helping Pickle Company Out of a Domain Pickle

Amazon has a message to the owners of .BlackFriday on the gTLD's first Birthday: It's Christmas in July for Amazon. Black Friday, the legendary shopping day that follows Thanksgiving, is more than four months way. But that hasn't stopped Amazon from declaring a new sort of Black Friday on July 15: An online birthday shopaganza called "Prime Day."

Instead of pursuing domains, Amazon knew that Ideas are more powerful and win

Sales are usually slow in summer. Not so for Domain Name Sales who— in the first week of July— has already knocked three six-figure sale out of the park with many mid-five-figure sales on their heels. As you see sales were made to big corporate players: movie studios, game studios, software companies and more. Plus we have an established pickle brand now able to truncate their name to a perfect match. 

Frank also transferred the EMD "" to their biggest manufacturer reinforcing what we've known for years. When someone wants a pilot watch they search by keywords and not brand names. Smart companies market with both providing more avenues of customer reach.

Congratulations to Power Sellers Donna Schaffer and Merlin Kauffman whose informed, industry-relevant name choices prove knowledge is a powerful advantage in domains.

I don't know where to begin to describe how I am feeling seeing all of these prime, rare and never-to-be-available-to-anyone-at-any-price brands change hands, many for the last time. The majority of these aged names have 1998-2002 registration dates. WOW! Hold and wait and wait and BOOM!

Hey it's the first anniversary of Uniregistry's .BLACKFRIDAY domain which we announced her last year, reporting that the first .BLACKFRIDAY name was registered by Mike Berkens - congrats on http://TVS.BLACKFRIDAY  Mike!~ Like with the dotCOMS a generation ago, perhaps those who had the foresight to nab the best gs will be proven right all along. So far Mike has one of the best, most premium, G portfolios we've seen!

But the world isn't standing still and new innovations have a bullet with your name on it. Take Amazons attempt to userp Black Friday by having a special event to the captive attention of their 40 million subscribers. That's smart marketing and differentiation of value proposition. To survive in this competitive world you need smart marketing from creative minds that follow trends, anticipate future worlds and can out wit, out think and out play any competitive threat. Domains alone, regardless of the extension, are doomed without this. It's all about the power of ideas. I laid this out in 1999 in my domain success primer and I know I keep hacking back on it, not just to pat myself on the back for getting it right and early, but because today it will make sense to you and offers you a recipe for success to defeat any competitive threat.

Now here's the recent sales that have been brought online.


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