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Thursday, July 09, 2015

Move Over TM Cybersquatters: Search Results Could Send Amazon To Trial

A lawsuit over a watch might mean it’s time for the online retailer to change how it presents products to consumers, an e-commerce attorney says. Inc. must face a trademark-infringement suit by watchmaker Multi Time Machine Inc., which claims the online retailer’s search results can lead to confusion for consumers.

A 2-1 decision by the federal appeals court in Pasadena, Calif., reversed a lower court ruling that threw out Multi Time Machine’s lawsuit, according to a court filing Monday.

The appeals court said “a jury could find that Amazon had created a likelihood of confusion” because a search for MTM’s Special Ops watches will return a web page displaying the trademarked name—but only with similar products made by competitors. Amazon does not clarify or state that it doesn’t sell Multi Time Machine’s military-style watches. 

More at the source: Internet Retailer

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