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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Nude Baristas: Fine With Me; When A Customer Is Looking For Your Product, Will They Find You?

How Uber is ending the dirty dealings behind Toronto's cab business; Now shoppers can buy right on Google; How to Use Your LinkedIn Profile to Power a Career Transition; Take a flyover tour of America's wealthiest zip code, where the average home costs more than $5 Million; Nuts Protect You From Heart Disease; Can Usurp Major Software Players? This former Google exec’s startup lends money based on your school, SAT score, and job history... Tracking tool analyzes competitors’ online strategies in real time

    1. Fantastic Article - The current taxi system is "based on the artificial restriction of a natural market" -- Exactly. ‪#‎goUber‬
      How Uber is ending the dirty dealings behind Toronto's cab business
    2. Owen Frager

      Owen Frager has an updated profile:

      Industry Marketing For Former Client at OCE NORTH AMERICA (now Canon)
    3. Owen Frager
      Great article from my friend Tushar Mutreja highlighting SFDC plans to quickly become the third largest software company in the world! As a deep, daily user of SFDC for a number of clients, and fan of Marc Benioff from his humble
      Can Usurp Major Software Players?

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