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Friday, July 24, 2015

Why Should You Care About SEO On Your Company’s Blog?

"Thank Shauna for this SEO article! Always great to read you."'s Pardot (the marketing automation Saas choice for Frager Creative and our clients) featured a great blog post today by Shauna Ward on SEO for bloggers. She writes:
One of the most common objections to investing time in search engine optimization goes something like this: “I can’t keep up! Google’s always changing its algorithms, so there’s just no point.” 
And to that, I say: “Stop! I believe in you!” and “Psst — basic SEO is much easier than you think.” 
Sure, there are SEO experts who dedicate their entire careers to metadata and anchor text and long tail keywords, but you don’t have to spend hours a day to see serious results from your efforts. In fact, when it comes to writing optimized blog posts, you just need a few minutes. 
Why should you care about SEO on your company’s blog? 
For many prospective customers, your blog content will be their introduction to your website — if, that is, they come across your blog in the first place. And while some people may stumble upon your content on social media or through a colleague, search engines still reign. In fact, 63% of business leaders say they use online search as a primary tool to find content (The Economist Group).
Read the whole post HERE.

A commenter to the post offered up some great additional great resources about SEO:

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