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Monday, August 31, 2015

Frank Schilling: Buying From The Best; Selling To The Rest in Record August Results

Whoever said the g's would take down dotCOM value is today proven wrong.

When I first reported on Frank Schillings Domain Name Sales, I was shocked that brands could acquire the EMD for their businesses for under $5K, citing one that went for just $1500 to a big time London Realtor. Not so today. Check out these prices (based on the BIN listings on Domain Tools). 

Today, it's going to be over $10K and if it's short and memorable, over $40K. As domains sell by the thousands to end users, the laws of supply and demand take hold. It's no wonder Frank has gone to replenish his inventory with names originally conceived by the best in the business: Ammar, Chad, Mark, Yun and Mike Mann to name a few. It's Napa Valley law of quality. When one vintner's crop falls short, he is able to tap into the reserves of others. Chances are the others are always willing to prune their inventories to generate cash for other projects.  

Such was the case with acquired from Frank either by cash, name trade or both. (BTW, You can help choose AutoBio's logo HERE)

Here are the DNS House and Powerseller Sales Added Since My Last Report (followed by screen shots)  $88K $16K  $55K $66K  $52K$13K $1,600 (MK)  $66K $30K (MK) $58K $90K (ISC/AMG) $19K $17K $1500 $38K $12K $39K $13K $26K (MK) $58K  $15K (redirect  $19K $39K $21K i $44K $68K) $17K $14K  $19K $36K  $89K (redirect $38K  $19K (MK) $14K $31K $12K $28K $44K $78K

Here are the DNS House and Powerseller Sales For August  $88K $16K – (redirect  @$16K) – $39K  $55K $66K  $52K -$25K $13K $14K – $18K $18K $1,600 (MK)  $66K $30K –  (MK)(to Catella Bank S.A.) (MK) $120K – (redirect to @$77K) $58K $90K $21K (ISC/AMG) $19K $17K $46K – $1500 – (NRG Energy @ $98K) $18K $22K $12K $38K – (Revlon  @$29K) ( MrChen  @$27K ) – (redirect to @$34K) – $74K - $18K (Only a Doctor’s son would think to reg this one) $12K – $16K $39K $29K
JetPack.NET – $29K $13K $26K (MK) (redirect to Evan butler) (MK) $58K  $15K  (redirect to  @$18K) $18K –Leading Points Corporation @$35K. – $39K $38K (redirect (MK)  $19K –  CK Anderson Super Pty @$39K  (to .me) Idea Lab (est. $88,000) – Redirect to Ozforex $39K $21K – $44K $68K) $17K –COUNTRYWIDE PROJECT MANAGEMENT LIMITED @$14K (MK) $14K  $19K – $36K  $89K (redirect $14K – Redirect to @$15K $38K – Fry Fly  @$14K $14K $2 8K  $19K (MK) (redirect to – $26K. (redirect to .net @16K, huge see – $55K $14K – Tonix Phrarma – $165K $31K (redirect – (redirect to @ $15K) $12K $28K (redirect to Parallels)

Some of Frank's Recent Buys

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