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Monday, August 10, 2015

"If You Have A US Startup Called X And You Don't Have X.Com, You Should Probably Change Your Name."

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  1. Owen Frager
    The rich and famous won’t be attracted to just any old marketing. Here’s where to start when only the best will do:
    Rich-looking upscale fonts (for free)
  2. Owen Frager
    Change Your Name: Comments
    Change Your Name
    1. Howard Fellman
      Thanks, Owen. Great quote, Paul Graham: "Sometimes founders know it's a problem that they don't have the .com of their name, but delusion strikes a step later in the belief that they'll be able to buy it despite having no evidence it's for sale."
  3. Owen Frager
    Not every opinion is useful. Sometimes you have to ignore feedback:
    When It’s OK to Ignore Feedback
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