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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Where Clicks Reign, Audience Is King; Google's Cockroach Theory- A beautiful speech by Sundar Pichai.

Stop Dressing Like a Slob; The Apple Watch is far outselling its competitors, according to millions of online; The Amazon Exposé and the Inconvenient Truth; Google Adds New Bidding Options for PPC Ads; HomeAdvisor finds that there’s no place like home for business focus; 10 Questions with Jen Sale - Co-founder of Domain Guardians; How One Airline Ticket Can Equal Two Seats; What the Tech: Domain names internet real estate - WPSD Local 6; Why the startup powering Uber’s text messages is worth over $1 billion; People either check email all the time, or barely at all

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  2. Owen Frager
    As one commenter put it, "One of the best domaining articles I’ve come across. I wish more domain professionals would adopt Frank’s long-term, asset based, intrinsic value view of their digital properties."
    Frank Schilling Gems: "Scum of the Web" (Lost 2011 Interview Recovered)

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