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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Cuba, Vaping, Legal Pot, China: Frank Schilling Finds 2016 Needs For Decades-Held Names

Frank Schilling is on a roll with the second half of September House and PowerSeller sales besting even the first. What was it Rick Schwartz said about his 20-year plan: If you are able to keep rejecting offers and hold out long enough, you will find needs and applications for your names that didn't even exist when you purchased them. Something Estibot will never factor in.

Here are sales for the second half of September with screen shots of those already online by the new end users who bought them from all over the world. For the first half of September, go HERE. (All prices best guesses only).

The year is going fast. Before you know it it will be time for .BlackFriday, .Christmas and those infamous Tortuga Rum Cakes. $13K $440K $28K $12K - $128K  (new CubaMax Travel) - $14K (Broadband Leader Technology Co.,Ltd) $75K - $12K $18K - $18K $16K (MERCIALYS- Paris)  (Metal Tek: $50,000 - $18K $24K (Redirect (The Fullerton Hotel Singapore) $18K - $56K - $18K $33K (talk to Victoria) $16K $17K - $41K $14K (to $27K $55K $14K $160K $16K $16K $44K $45K $14K 78K (Pot)

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