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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

For Yahoo Alum, Frank Schilling Names The Next Big Thing (again!)

Yesterday we reported on Domain Name Sales House and PowerDeller sales for August, but we have the last minute additions: $31K $21K $28K $13K

Venture Investor Mike Rosengarten Previously on @OpenGov @Yahoo ,@Invoca ,@CallWave; BS.CS @UCSB will launch Persista as the cloud's next big thing and possibly the name for a project currently in Stealth Mode. Reports Mike on LinkedIn, "I am a technology enthusiast who cares deeply about building products that people love.

Most recently I led build@opengov, which included product, engineering, and design. And even less recently I spent nearly a decade building ad networks, web hosts, and data platforms. Now, in Stealh Mode, working on changing the way our teammates and employees interact with enterprise software. Using cutting edge technology. With people who are smart, fun, and humble." (and Owen adds, perhaps a GREAT name!)

Congratulations to Mike and Frank.

Read the full story on August results "Frank Schilling: Buying From The Best; Selling To The Rest in Record August Results"

* All prices are guesses and all of this information was gleamed from public information. No information has been provided by Domain Name Sales.

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