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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Schilling's 6+ Figure Gems:,,,

As we hit September's mid-mark, House and Powerseller sales at Frank Schilling's Domain Name Sales continue to blaze new pricing trails.

When it all begin Frank proffered, "why build a brand when you can buy one." With that said, end users certainly picked up some great brands for their businesses: Stevan Lieberman's; Google's;;;;; and, among them.  (Prices shown are guesstimates only using "obot") $16K - $19K $31K (to (MK) $15K $16K $28K $50K - $39K (to our friends at Greenberg & Lieberman) - $26K $15K $19K $1500 to ? - $66K $19K $12K $55K to - $22K  to - $12K $13K
Leveraging- $18K $27K to Lypy Limited (new UK Start Up) $66K (to .FR)
MouldingCenter- $12K $51K - $55K $180K $26K $89K -$21K (Google?) - $33K $19K to $17K $55K to$18K $28K $34K $11K
TravelCart- $31K $11K $13K (to $28K - $19K $14K $49K to China

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