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Monday, October 12, 2015

Citibank, Steel Mill, Landscaper, Soccer Team and Fundraisers Drive DNS Record LLLL and Other Recent Sales

As I type this Frank Schilling is speaking at The Cayman Islands Marketing Professionals Association, a gathering of professionals in the mobile marketing, digital media and domain innovation and branding. And Frank has lots to brag about, none the least of which are these recent DNS house and "power seller" sales: $20K (to - $23K (to $59K $14K $78K ( $20K $16K (MK) $69K $144K $68K $22K $29K (to (MK) (to $20K (Upgrade from $66K $32K $32K $22K (to $72K ($38K to Citibank) (Steel Structures America) $32K
Registrant Email: $73K (to $26k - $52K (Upgrade from $16K (MK) (to $19K $100K (DS)

Prices are best guesses only and this is not an official list and DNS does not make their sales public. But across the desk, we've been tipped off to these changes from DNS to end-user servers.

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