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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Frank's 6-Figure GEMS:, and + Never Less Than 5-Figures Now For Anything Else

Here are some recent Domain Name Sales (House and Power Seller) transfers we've detected since our last report HERE

It seems like the one-worders are never less than 6-figures and there's rarely anything that goes for less than $14-20K. Sales are made to the usual "truncation" suspects: Those looking to rid themselves of dashes, cctlds, go global adding .com to their national brand, and using SEO keyword-rich EMD open a new traffic stream to their existing doors.

Please note: Prices are best guesses only and this is not an official list as DNS does not make their sales public. But across the desk, we've been tipped off to these changes from DNS to end-user markers. (to (DS) $19K $45K $20K (to $17K (to (to $18K $17K $47K $23K (Could have been a great wine brand) $17K (MK to $27K (to (to $126K $18K (to $38K $19K $18K (MK) $16K (to v) $186K $107K $17K (Could have been a great wine brand) $19K - $20K (Just in time for Obamacare enrollment period) $21K (GREAT Idea)

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