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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I Named My Button APP BTTN, But Because BTTN (.com) is Taken I Regged AliceApp (.com)

Apple Is Making Us All My Grandmother; How GoPro Will Use an Awards Campaign to Grow Its Media Biz; How Allstate and Dstillery Avoid Fraudulent Ads on Exchanges; Facebook Encroaches On YouTube's Turf With New Video Hub; Mobile urban apartments let users move to new city via app; Thai restaurant organizes menu by blood type; In Talks With FDA To Offer Genetic Testing; Facebook is diving full-force into shopping and.. Filthy Razor Jacques Makes the Case for Dollar Shave Club. It's Last Night's New Ads
  1. Extra's 'The Story of Sarah
  2. Owen Frager
    Whether it’s my iPhone or my grandmother’s couch, having to cover it up indicates a design that breaks the “Form follows function” motto. Design goals and business goals sometimes rightfully win out over perfect function and usability.

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