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Sunday, November 29, 2015

From a $500K Addiction Brandable to an $80K .NET: Frank Cashes In The CHiPS

"Adds Schilling, "500 Million Businesses, Not Enough Good Domains. Even if you back-up and cast as wide a net as possible, our decade of experience reveals perhaps 5 - 7 million words, numbers and phrases which ultimately have practical utility as a domain name. When you consider the hundreds of millions of companies and individuals which want to control their own destiny and enhance the location of their website, there simply are not enough "good" names to go around."

Santa came early to Domain Name Sales House and Power Sellers this month, all of whom have a lot to be thankful for this holiday.  From the incredible rise of short numeric domains to China, to the demand brandables all over the world as Thanksgiving 2015 confirms a mass online migration, the market for domain names has never been greater. And those with the premium inventories are the new rulers of the digital world.

And, before you get mesmerized by the "get rich quick" talk among some of the louder blogging mouthpieces, consider that Frank's China sales came not as the result of overnight success. He recognized the opportunity early on, even blogging as early as 2007 about the concept of scarcity and the limited amount of numeric and letter combinations available to all of mankind

Though you might drool at the prices below, few would be able to hold steady in your confidence in these strings, bearing the brunt of hundreds of thousands of dollars in renewal fees in order to sustain the names below for at least 7-10 years until payout time. 

I remind newbies and those who get overly enthused by seeing sales results like these, domaining is a dangerous sport. It's not for the under financed, the weak, those who have no other income streams or fallback plans.

Please note: Prices are best guesses only and this is not an official list as DNS does not make their sales public. But across the desk, we've been tipped off to these changes from DNS to others. Our best guess estimate pricing uses a proprietary algorithm that studies Estibot, and last known BIN pricing on public sales sites like Sedo.

And to understand how strong this  month was for DNS, compare to my sales reports for the last five years: (2011- today's report):

Fun at DNS Last Christmas Party
December, 2011
November, 2012
November, 2013- Even then sold for $245,000
November/December 2014 (a five part Series):
Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5 $40K $26K $33K $31K $17K $18K $38K *2K $33K $34K $17K (to (to  Columbus Animal Clinic, PLLC) $29K (to Italian Ad Agency) $40K $40K $54K $57K $33K $47K $38K $17K (to $18K $32K - $33K $16K $34K (to $28K $34K is - $17K $466K $46K $90K $33K $33K $34K i- $17K $31K $27K - $17K $25K $17K $16,800  (redirect to $144K - $38K $3 2K $41K $32K $19K $33K - $22K $33K $33K $18K $19K $27K (to $17K $33K $17K $46K $63K (Redirect to - $17K— $22K $15K $41K $38K $33K $32K $42K $17K - $34K $17K $34K $33K - $17K $17K $17K i- $41K $82K $33K - $41K (MK to $33K $41K $42K - $32K is- $48K $22K $35K $17K $17K - $23K $33K $17K $17K - $17K $17K is for sale! $22K $17K $17K - $17K - $21K $17K - $32K $43K - $17K (to POLYBLOC AG) (DS) (to Alltec Screens from VCOM and digital signage) (to Pacific Coast Memorabilia/Cresting) - $19K
PwZb-$17K $53K $17K $17K $17K $17K $34K $33K $17K $33K - $17K $17K $27K $33K (MK) (DS) - $80K 33K $50K $42K - $34K
The owner - $17K $14K $34K $40K $17K $17K $33K $28K $25K (to - $29K (SL) $17K $33K $33K $53K $31K $32K
Wlwk.- 33K $70K(to truncate  (to $49K $17K - $17K $17K (to >TV owner Power Nation) 17K $17K $42K $3,000 $17K $17K - $17K $33K $34K $41K $34K $33K $33K - $22K (to $18K $17K $33K $46K

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