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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Chinese Domain Auction Sales Charted By Two Sources You Don't Hear Much About

Domain name auction in China: Words like Girl, Banana and House matter too.

Malaysia’s Alvin Koay is CEO at, CEO & Founder at RichMediaAds and CEO & Founder at

He says Sky-rocketing prices when the Chinese  started getting hot with domain name investment.  21,500,000 RMB ($3,316,314)  17,000,000 RMB ($2,622,202)  16,200,000 RMB ($2,498,804)  16,000,000 RMB ($2,467,955)  13,200,000 RMB ($2,036,062)  6,880,000 RMB ($1,061,220)  5,700,000 RMB ($879,209)  5,560,000 RMB ($857,614)  4,400,000 RMB ($678,687)  4,200,000 RMB ($647,838) 540,000 509,000 440,000 355,000

Back in 2008, (YES 7 years ago!)  The Wall Street Journal wrote about the value of numeric domains: "T.J. Demas, owner of Aspen Edge Research, an equity-research firm in Aspen, Colo., is another true believer. “There has been momentum, and accelerating momentum, in the numeric-domains market,” he said. He’s a big part of the momentum, having purchased 11 numeric domains from Marchex for $1.1 million in August — including six of the 10 biggest numeric-domain sales so far this year. He plans to use the sites in concert, though he won’t yet say for what: “I kind of have a business model in my mind.”

So if Chinese National Yun Ye didn't force Chinese domain demand, and sold to Marchex, and Marchex didn't see Chinese domain demand and liquidated early, what does that says about the industry's understanding of it's own domain values? It confirms all there caution I've out about about Estibot and PPC modeling saying it all does a disservice by not factoring in a "human" intelligence factor.

In 2008 we showcased a theory to explain the high prices T.J. was paying for certain numeric domains acquired from Marchex and others. In our piece "Outsmarting The Smartest Domainer Alive" we argued that events at the Cern Laboratory would soon turn science on its head. if so, TJ's bets would pay off big time.

I wrote, "The biggest discovery ever is taking place right now. It picks up where Einstein left off, using his wisdom to work the problem for all these years. It's called the theory of everything. And only a few bright minds who noticed clues and connected the dots understand its impact and the value of the domain central to its realization.

The news only covered part of this.

And a really bright guy has devised a way to mobilize the web to get the brightest minds on the planet to take it to the next step.

The result might be an answer to the mystery of life, the cure for all illness and the energy alternatives and road map to save humanity.

Recently, puzzling results from Cern, home of the LHC, have confounded physicists - because it appears subatomic particles have exceeded the speed of light.

Neutrinos sent through the ground from Cern toward the Gran Sasso laboratory 732km away seemed to show up a tiny fraction of a second early.

The result - which threatens to upend a century of physics - will be put online for scrutiny by other scientists. This is "Fringe" like stuff right out of the TV show."

That was BEFORE the Chinese domain CHiPS rush. But even now, Demas might have the last laugh because numeric domains applied to E8 Lie Theory may be the end game even the chinese have in mind for themselves, which would make their purchases cheap by tomorrow's standards.

According to T.J.:

"5s and 7s are cranking along with those 8s. Biggest deal of the year is not really being reported on either.. for $17M USD. Also went for $1.78M USD."

"My two big ones at the moment are and I believe they both can reach 8 figures someday like I believe my could grab 7 figures easily... today. would be in that ballpark as well."

T.J. has ha da lot of interest from the Chinese that he is steering clear from while waiting for physicists to validate these new theories; 

He told me: "Top Chinese stocks are now branded/cobranded with numerics."

 To name just a few:
1) NetEase (NTES) $22.8B Mktcap = 
2) Qihoo 360 (QIUH) $8.8B Mktcap =, 
3) (WUBA) $8.7B mktcap =, 
4) (WBAI) $812M mktcap = 

Switching to we have (JD) $44.2B mktcap = 

Continued T.J., "On a side note I own (my initials) and get a lot of interest in it from the Chinese, but I don't plan to sell it..  thought it's REALLY heating up!"

One thing T..J. thinks need to append the DNJournal graphic above:

"It would be fun to update DNJournal's graphic with this year's numeric sales from DNJournal along with 2 key ones still missing from it that should be included... for $17M and for $1.77M. Think they would make a strong statement for the past 7-year cycle move in numerics and more importantly what the next 7-year cycle might entail. Someday these things will catch and surpass the prices of Modigliana's and Picasso's such as we've seen this year ($180M price points)."

To read more on T.J.,'s plans: Physicists in Europe Find Tantalizing Hints of a Mysterious New Particle

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