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Monday, December 14, 2015

Frank Schilling Sales Too Voluminious To Track- On Track For Best Month/Best Year EVER

Though portfolio sales to Go Daddy and short sales to China seem to dominate the Domain Industry news, one can't overlook the rapid the growth and success of Uniregistry/Domain Name Sales in 2015 as the year's biggest story.

Thanks to the demand by Chinese investors, and a brilliant holiday promotion that was discussed on, Frank Schilling is firing on all cylinders. According to DNS Vice Prescient of Sales, Jeffrey Gabriel, “This current campaign has been very successful for us, and has us on track for our best December in our history. Luckily we have a great team of designers and developers to make this a reality and a top sales team to close the renewed opportunities.”

Some of the other power behind their  "brokers" program includes:

  • 7AM-7PM Broker Coverage  (dozens of brokers speaking just about any language on the other end of the line)
  • 10 Language Phone & Email Support
  • Toll Free & International Calling on All Domains
  • Integration
  • Domains Included in Search Results
  • Buy It Now Landing Pages (10%)
  • Sales Lander with Personal Broker Assignment
  • Sales Platform Access
  • Free Escrow Services
  • Free Domain Portfolio Consultations
  • Contract Templates
  • Full Transparency
  • DomainNameSales App
As a customer of multiple registrars (less and less all the time) the EXPERIENCE of dealing with Uniregistry far surpasses all in every way. I have no doubt they will soon lead the industry in names under management. The integration of DNS with Uniregistry will be revealed in a few weeks at NamesCon and those familiar with it tell me it will blow all attendees away and be the talk of the show. I know they have worked very passionately and hard behind the scenes for a long time to make this happen.

In a way Frank's personal success accrues to all of us as the tools he's created to support his on sales, are made within reach of every domainers.

Due to the volume of sales, this may be the first month over the past 5 years, the sales will be too numerous to research and report. To give you an example of what we are seeing, here is just an hour's worth of closings that have come over the wire: $17K $32K $38K $34K $17K $17K - $17K $17K $17K $33K (MK) - $18K $94K $42K $29K (to

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