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Thursday, January 07, 2016

Cocaine-Fuled NYE Orgies Cost Airbnb Millions; 20K Periscopers' Glued To Puddle Crossing

‘Adult’ Domains Pose New Challenges for Trademark Owners; Radio test Fail! Saoirse Ronan wore a sign explaining the pronunciation of her name; Charging Your Apple Watch Just By Taking A Walk; In our pursuit of happiness, Americans are losing sight of what actually makes us happy; New owners name a CEO for MarketLive and Shopatron and.. Sidecar Squeezed Out by Uber and Lyft, Will Shut Down
  1. Airbnb cocaine orgy --racks up damage bills after New Year's Eve parties, orgy via @mashable
    Airbnb racks up damage bills after New Year's Eve parties, orgy
  2. Owen Frager
    Name This BurgerJulian D'Souza Venue Manager, Stones Corner Hotel at ALH Group Layered with fillings like pulled pork, bacon, mac ‘n’ cheese and chorizo crumbs, you won’t be short on inspiration to name our newest burger beast. Put your
    1. CanadaNames .com
      Heart Attack! :)
    2. Michael Ehrhardt
  3. Owen Frager
    Around 20,000 internet users watched people trying to cross a puddle via @MailOnline
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