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Friday, January 29, 2016

Donald Trump Gives Veterans A Quick Hand Job

"We acquire thousands a year, and it's smart," Eric Trump said of the web addresses. "It's just a smart thing to do, and it's a great way to protect yourself."

At some point yesterday afternoon, Donald Trump hastily hand-registered and forwarded it to a site that accept donations earmarked for Donald J. Trump Foundation, in anticipation of a special event that was billed as a "fundraiser" for veterans.

Today Trump fans are lambasting CNN and MSNBC for turning away after five minutes of coverage of the veterans event claiming "CNN hates veterans." But the truth is that Mr. Trump started the event by reading off a list of a half dozen donations that had nothing to do with the event— earlier pledges made to Mr. Trump by friends over the phone— and then jumped off into his standard stump speech bragging about his poll numbers, how great he is and how great Jeb Bush isn't. 

Sources close to CNN claim that news organizations saw through Mr. Trump's attempt to circumvent equal time rules, sabotage the democratic process of giving Iowans the ability to make an informed decision, and attempt to get an hour of free air-time for what was essentially a campaign commercial.

Some are questioning whether Mr. Trump really cares about veterans or uses them for political stunts. In the clip below, Rachel Maddow reviews Republican front-runner Donald Trump's recent history of attempting to exploit veterans and veterans causes to advance his campaign and cover over his personal shortcomings.  

Rachel pointed to the domain registration, which expires in just 12 months, as proof of the depth of Trump's commitment to the veterans issue. 

As Fox says,we only report, you decide. 
Reports Business Insider in an article titled "Donald Trump owns thousands of secret web addresses," generated through the domain database Whoisology last week showed that 3,153 web addresses were registered to the Trump Organization's general counsel. Many of these sites are not actually online, but they provide glimpses into Trump's business plans and his company's anxieties about its brands.

Check out some of the negative web addresses registered to the Trump Organization below.

The report showed the Trump Organization also had registered web addresses that could be used for Trump's political endeavors. Interestingly, while there were domain names referring to 2012 and 2016, there did not seem to be any Trump addresses that were specifically pegged to future presidential elections: 

Source: Business Insider

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