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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Recognizing Genius; Off-The-Grid and Worth The Trek; $100 Million Fortune To..

Elbaz; Belonogoff and Bullock launch Render Media; 8 brand new private jets worth waiting for; Apple Reports 1 Billion “Active” Devices; NFL Players Use LinkedIn to Manage Their Off-Field Aspirations (and Domain Names; Meet the 14-Year Old Who Built an Empire (When He Was Nine); Creating Brand Trustworthiness; How Uber’s labor model is changing talent-acquisition and SAP— How Uber’s labor model is changing talent-acquisition
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    Thousands of iconic historical images—including of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre—have been sold from Corbis Entertainment to China's largest image licensing company. A Chinese company buys Corbis. What happens to Tiananmen Square
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  1. Leadership, Strategy and Sales Success in the Cloud

    YouTubeBill McDermott, CEO of SAP shares his insights into the key factors that drive business success today. Check out SAP CRM's Facebook page…
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